Gukas' Coffee, is a resilient family-owned coffee farm, that has weathered challenges for over 40 years. While our journey is not unique, it is a testament to our determination.


To end the decline of Kenyan Coffee farms by directly including farmers in the income earned from roasted coffee.

Why the Name

Our name means grandfather and our people are defining a Kenyan coffee culture.


Our brand celebrates pioneer farmers who fought for Africans to grow coffee on their own land.

The Facts


Guka's Yesterday

Guka's Coffee begun as Kenya Vineyards Farm in Mūrang, Kenya, founded by Nduati Kariuki (Gūka) in the 1980's to fulfil his passion around the positive impact of agriculture.


Guka's Today

Today as a family owned farm we believe that by selling our coffee directly to you and creating a platform for other farmers to join us we can stop farmers from abandoning coffee that has seen a 70% drop since the late 1980's.

We are currently connecting over 200 small scale farmers together, to produce higher quality coffee and benefit from shared processing & marketing. By connecting farmers incomes to the milled & roasted coffee value chain we are increasing profitability per tree.


Guka's Tomorrow

We are currently promoting, converting & certifying the over 200 members in our network to organic farming.

By connecting farmers to the entire coffee value chain, growing a locally relevant brand & leveraging on technology we have already begun to see an increase in coffee trees within our community. This works toward our mission of stopping the decline of coffee farms in Kenya.